Τhe beaches of Milos

In Milos there are about 70 beautiful beaches that enchant the visitor with their white golden sands, the deep blue waters of the sea and the distinct colors of the bottom, elements which are due to the volcanic origin of the soil. 

Golden waters and fine sand are the special feature of the coast of Milos and due to the large number of its beaches visitors can choose based not only on the beauty of the landscape, but also on the direction of the wind.

In the period of July-August, when strong north winds (meltemia) blow, vacationers have the opportunity to visit the south beaches of the island, while in the season of south winds (rarely in summer), the west and north beaches are an ideal solution for swimming.

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South beaches

They are served by a good road network and because of the steep cliffs they are protected from the northerly winds, the well-known "meltemia" of August.
Agia Kyriaki
Sandy organized beach with bar, beach bar and pleasure boats for rent.
Quiet beach since the access is from the sea or about 200 steps. It is located next to the beach of Agia Kyriaki.
Organized secular beach with beach bar restaurants and whater sports.
Shallow sandy organized beach with restaurant and beach bar, awarded with blue flag.
Shallow sandy organized beach. From where you will park it is about a 3 minute walk. It is located next to Tsigrado.
Adventurous beach since access is from the sea or by descending a sand dune with the help of a rope. It is located next to Fyriplaka.
Desert beach for hiking lovers since from where you will leave your vehicle you will have to walk through a quarry for about 10 minutes.

North beaches

Steep rocks and a special terrain reminiscent of a lunar landscape. When there is a northerly wind vacationers can visit these beaches not so much for swimming but more for recreation or photography.
Unique lunar landscape with all-white rocks and special morphology. Pole of attraction for many photographers.
Picturesque fishing village with a small organized beach for sunbathing and swimming.
Narrow strip of coast with sand and behind it a rock that looks like a cave at some point.
Long narrow sea bay with steep slopes right next to the archaeological site of Phylakopi.

Western beaches

Inaccessible without a paved road network. If you are planning to visit the western beaches, it is a good idea to stock up on drinking water, an umbrella and anything else you need, as after Lake Achivadolimni there may not be a place to refuel.
Agios Ioannis
It is located below the monastery of Agios Ioannis Siderianos. Sandy beach with 2 even smaller beaches accessible from the sea.
Three large sandy beaches with sea caves where on their rocks you can see natural sea salt.
Beautiful little bay, sandy that you will probably enjoy on your own. The hidden beach of the locals.
A large sandy beach where a stream ends. Extremely difficult access only by 4x4 vehicle and downhill walking from the parking area.


This is not a beach but an amazing bay with a cave (Sykia) on the southwest side of the island.
It is a pole of attraction for many tourist boats since its blue-green waters with white volcanic rocks make the landscape magical.
They say that pirates often tied up their ships in Kleftiko. It is only accessible by boat.

Traditional village with narrow alleys, panoramic views and a magnificent sunset that you can enjoy from the castle or the "marbles" right in front of the church of Panagia Korfiatissa.

In Plaka you will find a traditional pastry shop, restaurants and cafes as well as a folklore and archaeological museum.

This is a destination that we usually choose for the afternoon because of the sunset.

You will have to park in the municipal parking lot at the foot of Plaka and climb the cobblestones.

Fishing villages
Madrakia, Firopotamos, Klima
These are fishing villages of unique beauty made up of small underground houses called "wires". They were originally built to house and protect fishermen's boats during the winter months, but now most have been converted into summer residences.


The Catacombs of Milos is an ancient underground cemetery, which dates back to early Christian times. 

Near Trypiti are the ruins of ancient Milos. 

The catacombs consist of underground rooms and corridors carved out of the soft volcanic tuff (material from an eruption), while other tombs are also nearby. 

The catacombs are divided into three sub-groups with a total of five corridors along which the tombs are carved. They are open to the public.


Is a village on the north side of the island with several accommodations and restaurants.
The ferry boat to Kimolos starts from here.
Nice choice for dinner by the sea.

Adamas (Adamantas) 

It is the port of Milos and also the central market. Many tourist boats start from here for day cruises and if you take a walk in the afternoon you will find a lot of information to choose what suits you. Also here you will find the Mining museum, many café restaurants and the evening bars.


Arrival instructions

You can find directions on google maps by clicking on the link :

When you reach the area of ​​Agia Kyriaki and see the sea and church from above, go down a little and look for our gray signs.
At the 1st sign, turn left.
At the next junction before the little church of Agios Georgios, you will see our 2nd sign,
turn left again
(small piece of dirt road).
Enter the stone entrance.
Ignore the reception sign
(it's for a neighboring property) and look for our 3rd sign.
Take the left road up the hill again.
When you see our 4th and last sign choose the left road and stop at the palm trees.
We will welcome you there.

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